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3 Principles for Clear Thinking by Nic Palmer

  • Clear understanding

  • Boundaries

  • Self-worth

*info on developing these will be here soon. 

Bag of Tricks - Go from no-thing to creative decision making & art-in-action that brings forth expression. 


A bag of tricks is a way to overcome blockages in your creative energy, such as resistance (often presents as making excuses, avoiding, having bad thoughts about your work) to picking up a paintbrush, instrument or pen for example, and making something. I’ve had really debilitating blockages, where I got physically sick from avoiding expressing myself. One of the things that has helped me get back on track is focusing on one thing at a time (mindful creativity).

I also realised I needed to bring to my awareness, a bunch of different outlets I could choose from, so if I get really far down a rabbit hole with one, I can switch over to another. It’s a good way to trick the mind out of negative thinking about your work also. I recommend focusing on one outlet at a time. If you’re experiencing total resistance to anything and everything in a given moment, please look at the Emotional Re-Integration Technique blog page ASAP. You can also try expressing resistance IN your work. An example of my own is when I feel really depressed I use dark colours and scribble, jot down words, phrases, and decide that it doesn’t matter what the picture is going to look like I just do it in the moment. It moves the negative feelings and energy.
Sometimes these turn out to be some of my favourite works. If you feel worried about doing something like this, please check out my blog post Emotional Integrity in Art. 


So, make a list of ways to channel creative energy and remember it. Mine is (not in any particular order):


  • Painting

  • Drawing

  • Writing

  • Singing

  • Playing guitar

  • Dancing

  • Making a blog

  • Fixing my website


You might find that this list will come to you over time. This the Bag of Tricks List.

More on this soon.